Megan McArthur


This is Megan’s fourth year as a BCA member and is on the 6th grade coaching staff. She has been with this team for 4 years.

Megan’s favorite thing about BCA is how organized and friendly it is.

“Everyone there is supportive of one another! The coaches are trained very well and it shows in competitions! We are a powerhouse team!”

Megan says that her team of girls are hard workers and strong tumblers. As a coach, she tries to make sure all the girls know where they are strong and receive personal attention in the areas they need most improvement.

“When these girls come to practice, they want to learn and focus on cheer, but they also know how to have fun and be silly…. and that their coaches love them a lot!”

Throughout the season, this team has fun filled events planned, last year they went out for ice-cream and also had a team sleepover.

Megan has been a part of many successful seasons. Last year this team proudly took 3rd place in the state finals, and Megan attributes that to the girls really learning new skills constantly over the season.