Donna Swierski


Donna has been with the BCA league for 13 years and has had 2 children in the league. Over the years, Donna has been an Assistant Coach for 6 years, Head Coach for 7 years, and served on the BCA Board from 2010-2013 (2 years as League President). Donna’s favorite thing about BCA is that the league has tremendous unity among all its teams, coaches, board members and parents. She says that everyone respects each other and really goes out of their way to help this league succeed.

“That’s what makes this league so unique, it really feels like a family. We have strong parent support; and it’s so fun to see everyone pull together to cheer one another on at the competitions.”

Donna also says that BCA is proud of its community support and knows how important it is to teach the girls how to give back by helping in local community service projects.

Donna’s coaching style is simply organized, structured, and focused. She loves to set high goals for the team. She mentors, motivates, and challenges the athletes so that they can be taught anything if they have the right positive attitude and determination toward a common goal. She has always promoted good sportsmanship not only within her own team, but with any other teams they meet. She is a firm believer that only the competition we participate in is on the cheer floor. Confidence and having a positive attitude not only applies to the sport of cheer, but everything else the athletes pursue.

Through previous seasons, Donna’s teams have participated in several team bonding activities.

“The more the girls know about each other the more respect, trust, and unity they have for their teammates.”

Donna believes that the coaches, athletes and parents make up a team and it’s so important to have support of everyone so that the cheer experience is enjoyable for everyone.

Donna has been a part of many successful seasons. Having been a part of the same team for 8 years allowed her to walk away every season knowing that all of their girls learned something new and strengthened their skills for next year. Her teams in year 7 and 8 had earned numerous 1st place trophies and many state bids. Both years they advanced to the state finals and placed 2nd. She couldn’t have been more proud of what the team accomplished.

“BCA is a great program for any returning cheerleader and new athletes to the sport of cheer. All of our coaches are well trained and want to make the learning experience positive for everyone who participates within BCA.”